Tuesday, March 6, 2012

STORY IDEA #3 this one's creepy

This is inspired by the movie Chronicle, in which some kids gain telekinetic powers.

You have this guy who is sort of a sleazeball who develops a latent talent of telekinesis as an adult.  Naturally he uses it to commit crimes--stealing from banks, vandalizing shit, etc, but he doesn't have it in him to, say, commit rape or kill someone using his powers.

Because he can't hide the fact he is an asshole though, he can't get anyone to have sex with him except for prostitutes and women who only value him for his apparent wealth, and he wants to have children with what he sees as a classier sort of woman.  He begins impregnating women anonymously, some of whom figure it's their husbands or significant others who have fathered the child, but some of the women are mystified as to how they got pregnant, some even claiming it to be the work of gods or something.

After a couple years, the children begin to show telekinetic powers, solidifying the belief of some that they were indeed impregnated by god.  None of the kids look like their supposed fathers, and many are kind of homely perhaps sharing a pronounced facial feature of their creepy unknown actual father.

Hijinx ensue and, after a time lapse, we learn they have taken over the world, using their inherited skills to conquer and oppress.  After all, they're all descended from a total asshole sleazeball who uses his power for personal gain and wickedness.

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